3 Best Anti-Aging Vitamins to Try | 5 Tips to Reverse Aging

If you’re looking for tips to reverse aging, you might want to start with telomeres. Telomeres are the caps that form ends of human chromosomes to protect the DNA strands from becoming damaged. As we age, our cells replenish by copying themselves (also known as cell division), which causes the telomeres shorten a little bit each time. Eventually, the telomeres get so short that can’t do their job, causing the cells to age and stop functioning properly. This means that telomeres are our cells’ biological clocks – their length represents our biological age. However, there are a number of natural ways to keep your telomeres healthy and long.

5 Tips to Reverse Aging

  1.  Young at Heart with Omega-3s

Adding an omega-3 supplement to your diet may keep you looking and feeling young from the inside out, based on the effect of omega-3’s on telomere length. Telomere length has been an indicator of mortality in patients with cardiovascular diseases. A study from the University of California found that higher blood levels of omega-3 acids in patients with coronary heart disease (CAD) correlated with longer telomeres. In addition, a study from 2010 found an inverse association between the rate of telomere shortening and the blood levels of fish oil in patients with CAD.

  1. Get Moving Daily

The fountain of youth may only be as far as your local gym. Studies have shown that those who exercise regularly have longer telomeres, and therefore are biologically younger, than those who don’t. In fact, the least active subjects had telomeres that were a whopping 200 nucleotides shorter than the most active participants!

  1. Anti-Aging with Astragalus

The traditional Chinese herb, Astragalus, is known for its immune-boosting properties. The herb has recently been discovered to have anti-aging properties, some astragalus molecules have been found to contribute to telomere growth. A study published in the Journal of Immunology claims that substances within astragalus root – cycloastrangenols and astragalosides – can activate telomerase enzyme production that is responsible for telomere regeneration. This can help slow the aging process. TAT2 and TA-65 are the two patented forms of astragalus root extract.

  1. A daily dose of sunshine

We all know that getting a little sun can have a huge impact on your health. In fact, higher vitamin D levels have been associated with longer telomere length and therefore lower risk of a number of chronic diseases. The researchers speculate that vitamin D’s influence is due to its inhibitory effect on inflammation. This is measured by a marker of inflammation called C-reactive protein. However, baking in the sun isn’t the best way to boost your vitamin D. Instead, opt for a D3 tablet with breakfast.

  1. Whole Foods Multivitamin

We learn at a young age that eating right and exercising is crucial for optimal health; however, the right mix of vitamins and minerals can also play a huge role especially as we grow older. Whole foods multivitamins support the body with anti-aging cell health benefits. Learn more about our top three whole foods multivitamins below!


3 Best Anti-Aging Whole Foods Vitamins to Try

  1. Healthycell Natural Anti Aging Multivitamin with Probiotics and Whole Foods

Remove the guesswork of nutrition supplements with the Healthycell Natural Anti-Aging Multivitamin. It contains over 90 nutrients including: 64 plant-based nutrients and high potency antioxidants to improve cell health and stem cell health, 13 essential vitamins for organ support, 9 essential minerals for cell health, and 5 enzymes with 4 probiotic strains for digestive support and nutrient absorption.

  1. Passion 4 Life Mega Liquid Multivitamins

Even if you have a healthy diet, the quality of today’s soil greatly impacts the nutrition of the food we eat. Within three minutes of ingestion, Passion 4 Life absorbs up to 98% directly into your bloodstream.

It’s backed by 15 years of research and is designed to improve energy, memory, focus, sleep, stress, depression, and anxiety. It contains 135 high-grade natural whole food-based ingredients, all essential vitamins, 74 trace minerals, amino acids, powerful antioxidants, and more.

3.  Organixx Whole Foods Multivitamin

Organixx Multi-Vita-Maxx is a whole-foods supplement that can replace your current multivitamin, Vitamin C supplement, Vitamin B complex and Vitamin D3 supplement. It contains 36 organic superfoods and botanicals plus 21 whole-food fermented vitamins and enzyme-activated minerals.

It’s designed to boost energy, increase focus and concentration, enhance your immune system and more.





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Dr. Barry

Dr. Barry

March 18, 2019