Hair, hair, everywhere — but does that have to be your final answer? That’s a resounding N-O from the Happy Nuts team. There’s nothing wrong with a little trim and style down there, especially if it pleases your partner and gives you confidence (because you deserve it all, king). Whatever Mother Nature didn’t help you out with, we’re here to fill in. Here’s your guide to manscaping your pubes like a boss.

What is Manscaping?

Manscaping is how men trim and shave their body hair (particularly below the belt). Like taking pride in a freshly cut lawn or perfectly edged landscaping, you can manscape your way to clean, tidy hairlines and ditch the wild things look.

And since we know you’re too shy to ask, we’ll tell you anyway — manscaping doesn’t just have to be your standard go-bald-or-go-home cleanup. It’s all about the art of the shave. That means reducing hair, adding designs, or strategically shaving to draw the eyes to a certain spot. You get the idea.

3 Best Products For Manscaping

Any landscaper knows that a great look is all about having the right tools. Manscaping is no different. Here’s what we recommend for newbie manscapers or men who want just the basics.

The Ballber

Shaving is the most common method of manscaping. You can use a razor or an electric shaver, but we suggest the Ballber. Designed for tough, thick pubic hair, the Ballber electric razor is the perfect companion to sensitive areas. It goes Chuck Norris on coarse hair and makes it effortless to tame your beastly mane, no matter where it is on your body.

Nut and Body Wash

For that fresh, tingly clean, our Nut and Body Wash cleans and hydrates while keeping your skin at the perfect pH. True to our name, we use plant-based ingredients that smell good and are good for you. Also, it’s good for more than just your balls. We recommend using it before you start any of the heavy trimming to make sure your skin is clean and prepped for a trimming.

Happy Nuts Comfort Cream

From chafing to heat, your balls take a lot of flack from you day to day. Treat them nicely with a quick dose of our Comfort Cream. This deodorant is designed for below-the-belt use and adds the perfect finishing touch to your manscaping. It protects against constant chafing, plus it absorbs sweat and odor so you can finish the day strong.

Manscape Your Way to Happiness

There are lots of ways to manscape — shaving, waxing, and electric trimming, for example. We’re not here to tell you how you do it, but we do make it easier and even a little fun with our Happy Nuts products. We developed each of them to give you a clean, safe, and fresh-smelling experience, from one manly man to another.

Dr. Z

Dr. Z

August 30, 2022