5 Best Easy To Swallow Vitamins For When You Can’t Swallow Vitamins

A lot of people don’t know how and why vitamins are important for their bodies. If you are not sure about the benefits of vitamin supplements on your body, you may want to read on. This blog will cover the best easy to swallow vitamins for those who have a tough time with that.

To begin with, the dose of vitamins you require depends on your daily diet. People living in developed countries need no extra dose of vitamins as they are already on a fairly balanced diet. However, that doesn’t absolve anyone completely from the need for extra vitamin intake. Women of childbearing age are instructed to take folic acid or folate on a daily basis, ranging between 0.4 to 0.5 micro grams. The benefit of folic acid supplements is that they protect babies from neural tube defects.

If you’re over the age of 50 or you’re at a higher risk of osteoporosis, you’ll need to take vitamin D supplements regularly, as this will help ensure strong bones. Vitamin A supplements tend to reduce child death rates in developing countries, but these supplements are not needed for those living in well off countries like the US.

Certain medical conditions are yet another reason why vitamin supplements are needed. Certain supplements may help reduce deficiencies. If you are someone who is not balanced with their diet for any reason, or you are facing certain dietary restrictions, then you may have a greater need for vitamin intake.

As much as vitamins are crucial, taking them is not always easy for many people. If you are someone who needs to take supplements but can’t because they are proving difficult for you, don’t worry. There is a way around this! Fortunately, there are ‘easy-to-swallow’ vitamin supplements available on the market. The benefit with these is that you can swallow them comfortably without compromising the end result.

1.    Passion 4 Life Mega Liquid Multivitamins

Vitamins come from different sources and it can be expensive to ensure that you’re taking in all of the correct ones. Sometimes, the amount could run hundreds of dollars per month.

That’s where this supplement comes to your rescue. Singularly, it offers you benefit equal to the consumption of 135 different products. Now, imagine the expense you’ll have to pay to purchase all 135 ingredients!

Even if you eat the amount of food that is equal to what is in this unique product, it would be physically impossible in addition, of course, to being financially restrictive. Don’t fall for the delusion of ‘healthy’ food, either, as today’s soil is heavily infected with massive amounts of pesticides and other lethal chemicals that hugely reduce the nutrition of your food. In view of these risks, even the AMA can’t do anything but recommend vitamin supplements.

Passion 4 life makes the vitamin intake simple and easy for you. With this, you no longer need to waste time walking the aisles of health food stores in a state of utter confusion as to what to take and how much! Cost-efficiency is yet another quality feature of this product, because everything is taken care of in advance.

With Passion 4 Life, you don’t have to worry about difficult pills to swallow. This vitamin supplement has the outstanding feature of absorbing into your bloodstream up to 98% and that too, only within the 3 minutes of ingestion of this liquid multivitamin.

Here are some great benefits of this multivitamin supplement:

  • It is the result of over 15 years of untiring research
  • Product is highly recommended by practicing physicians
  • It offers you a great taste
  • This vitamin supplement is friendly for all ages: 1 to 101!
  • It’s both celiac and bariatric friendly
  • Convenient to consume
  • The supplement has a unique design which ensures improvement in your energy, memory, sleep, mental stamina, stress, anxiety, depression and aches and pains.
  • A portion of profits goes to help children in need.

If you are concerned about what this product is made of, here’s what is NOT in it

  • Wheat
  • Any Artificial flavor
  • Artificial sweeteners
  • Gluten
  • Added Sugar
  • GMOs

The Passion 4 Life vitamin supplement does contain the following:

  • 135 best quality natural food based ingredients
  • Every essential vitamin that your body needs
  • More than 70 trace minerals
  • Powerful antioxidants such as Goji, Noni, and others
  • Amino acids
  • Effective Aloe Vera base, which is fairly gentle on the human stomach

This liquid vitamin supplement is a fantastic option for those with issues swallowing pills, so that’s why it gets the #1 spot on our list!

2.    Bioactive Multi-Gel Multivitamin Supplement

This vitamin supplement has been formulated after years of research and untiring hard work put in by several physicians and nutritionists. The Bioactive multi gives you a wide spectrum of essential minerals and vitamins in addition to botanical antioxidants and phytonutrients acquired from high-quality ingredient sources in bioavailable forms.

The vitamin is delivered through a prebiotic bioactive gel which ensures maximum absorption and it also ensures a regular nutrient foundation to give the user optimal health.

These are the fantastic benefits of this vitamin:

  • It is made in facility legally certified by GMP
  • It is not GMO
  • It is gluten-free
  • It is soy free
  • It is a vegetarian
  • There is no dairy, egg, peanuts, tree nuts, wheat, shellfish or artificial flavors in it.

Absorption of nutrients

This is the most basic question to focus on while selecting any vitamin. Just because a pill contains nutrients is not enough. The more important thing is, do they really deliver the nutrients to the body? Because poor nutrient absorption means failure, and you won’t be able to achieve the level of health that you are aiming for.

This is quite a breakthrough nutrient delivery system that releases incredibly small, ultra-bioavailable nutrient particles at certain specific points in the digestive tract where they are absorbed properly. Most vitamin supplements have synthetic binding glues, fillers, coatings and anti-caking agents in them. The bioactive gel used in this supplement is, therefore, a better and more natural approach, which is 100% free of such ingredients.

If you are already taking a multivitamin pill, you can comfortably upgrade to your first pill-free experience with this product. You can enjoy this bioactive multi gel straight from the gel pack, or you can add it to a drink or meal. You can even blend it in a smoothie for consumption!

Safety and Dosage

As you are consuming it as a dietary supplement, it would be better to exercise caution and restraint. On a safety note, you should take one gel pack on a daily basis or as per the directions from your licensed physician. It needs to be protected from heat and shouldn’t be purchased if the seal is broken.

3.  New Chapter Tiny Tabs Multivitamin With Fermented Probiotics

This vitamin is not just any regular vitamin pill aimed at performing what is typically expected of them. It is a perfect solution for those looking for something extraordinary. If you have wanted something better and well-reputed, then this is for you. These tiny tablets are a lot more than just food supplements.

You can also call these tablets supplemental food. Each multivitamin made and prepared by New Chapter are probiotic and whole. A lot of material from nature is extracted to manufacture these tabs. For example, there are organic herbs and cultured whole-food vitamins and minerals formulated together to give you the best health and ensure the delivery of condition-specific benefits. Therefore, this tab doesn’t merely stop at addressing nutrient deficiencies.

The list of features doesn’t end here. New Chapter multivitamins also happen to be non-GMO verified and are made with organic vegetables and herbs. New Chapter’s tiny tabs are complete food that has been complexed into a multivitamin. This is easy to swallow and you can take it anytime even on an empty stomach.

Promotion Of Vitality

This is quite a useful multivitamin because of what it gives to the user. These tiny tabs deliver 22 vitamins and other highly useful minerals, such as B Vitamins, Vitamin D3, Vitamin A, and many more. All of these amazing nutrients combine together, ensuring a broad and hugely impactful nutritional support. This greatly enhances the power of this supplement, making it one of the most useful and effective vitamin supplements to be used for easy swallowing and useful results.

Herb Free

It is understandable why some people don’t like herbs or spices. This is one of their main concerns when going for a vitamin supplement. Tiny tabs promises you an herb and spice-free multivitamin nutrient supplement. This is pretty helpful for those who need a non-herbal and non-spicy whole food multivitamin supplement with practical and useful results.



4.   Vegan Liquid Nighttime Multi-Mineral

This vitamin has been developed and prepared by the world-renowned nutritional consultant and culinary chef MaryRuth. MaryRuth Organics Multivitamin offers exquisite taste and texture and this multi mineral is fairly light even if you are taking it on an empty stomach.

Taking one dose of it every evening will give you healthy magnesium levels in your body by balancing calcium intake, helping you to feel less stressed and more relaxed. You should know that good health is all about balance and a balanced diet is one that has to be maintained.

Calcium helps contract the muscles whereas magnesium relaxes them. The human body needs calcium for blood clotting, and magnesium allows blood to flow freely. It’s good that your body is already familiar with the technique to create this balance, but it can sometimes use help.

While our bodies need the necessary amount of magnesium from the foods we eat, unfortunately, many people don’t get the required amount for their bodies. While calcium intake is satisfactory, their bodies lack magnesium. When our body does not have the desired or right amount of magnesium, a strange process ensues. Calcium remains in the cells, which prolongs stress, creating symptoms of magnesium deficiency in all forms. If your body is facing cellular magnesium deficiency, you will suffer from fatigue and low-energy. You will lose sleep, muscle tension, spasms, and cramps. There will be signs of anxiousness, nervousness, and headaches will occur.

Are you confused about the benefits of this nighttime multi mineral? Here’s a brief list of what it will give you:

  • Easy to take and gentle on an empty stomach
  • Helps you achieve deeper sleep
  • Reduces stress and improves mood
  • Soothes pains, cramps, and aches
  • It has only 40 calories and zero sugar and fat per serving
  • There are no nightshades
  • There is no added fructose
  • Prepared and manufactured by a small family-owned company
  • It is non-GMO verified and is vegan, dairy free, gluten free, wheat free, nut free, and soy free
  • The flavor offers extra strength with more calcium and magnesium, boasting 715 mg of calcium citrate
  • Designed for maximum absorption and assimilation, which ensures that the body receives all the essential elements that it needs



5.    Drucker Labs IntraMax

For two decades, many health care professionals have benefited from Drucker labs because of its complete and comprehensive line of liquid nutritional supplements.

This is a fully organic, liquid, trace mineral multi-nutritional dietary supplement. With just an ounce of serving on a daily basis, IntraMax will give you an array of vitamins, trace and macro minerals, probiotics, antioxidants, and digestive enzymes. The list goes on to include fruits, vegetables, essential fatty acids, amino acids and much more.

IntraMax comes with a very unique ingredient blend that not only lends support to the body’s ability to remove harmful substances but they also support a wide range of systems and functions within the body which include:

  • Endocrine and Hormone
  • Immune, Development, and Response
  • Blood, Cellular and circulatory
  • Cognitive, brain development and neurological
  • Skin, bone, muscle, and joint
  • Energy, strength, stamina and stress management

The added benefit of IntraMax is that it is hypoallergenic and quite appropriate for even those persons who are the most chemical sensitive. Its formula is easily assimilated and contains no preservatives, additives, or any elements of caffeine. It is also free of yeast, corn, wheat, dairy, starch, binders, or all animal products.

Here are further directions for this vitamin:

  • It can be applied to all protocols. Make sure to follow the dosage coupled with plenty of non-chlorinated or filtered spring water. In order to achieve the best results, it is strongly suggested and recommended that you do not take it within two hours of pharmaceuticals, over the counter drugs or when you have consumed other dietary supplements.
  • There’s a performance protocol meaning you are encouraged to take one FL OZ of IntraMax in the morning on an empty stomach and then the same amount of IntraMin in the afternoon. However, you should take this dose before or after 30 minutes of the meal.
  • It also effectively caters to the needs of children. Please note, however, that the minimum age is 4 years. For children, half an ounce per day on an empty stomach will generate the desired results.

These were five of the easiest to swallow vitamins that will give your body benefit in the long term. Each have their own distinctive benefits, so make sure to take the time to research and choose one that’s right for you.

Do you have trouble swallowing pills? Have you found an easy-to-swallow solution that you love? Let us know in the comments below!
















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Dr. Barry

June 7, 2019