5 Remedies for Neck Pain Relief | Neck Pain Causes

With so many of us spending our days gazing into computers or looking down at our phones, it’s not surprising that neck pain is on the rise. A stick neck can be painful and may even prevent you from doing the things you love. However, neck and shoulder pain doesn’t just interfere with you day; it can also cause you to lose sleep. If you have a sore neck, fortunately there are some things you can do to get relief.

5 Remedies for Neck Pain Relief

1.      Apply Heat or Ice

Applying heat or cold to the sore areas can help ease your neck pain. You can use heat to soothe your sore neck by taking a hot shower, applying hot compresses or a heating pad, or soaking in a hot tub. However, be sure not to leave a heating pad or cold compress on too long to avoid skin injuries.

2.      Stretch it out

Just like you need to stretch after a workout, you should also stretch after (or during!) a long day at work. While in the office, try these stretches:

  • Roll your shoulders back and down – repeat 10 times
  • Draw your shoulder blades together – repeat 10 times
  • Roll your head from shoulder to shoulder – repeat 10 times on each side
  • Bringing your hands behind your head and your elbows wide, push your head backwards into your hands – hold for 30 seconds

3.      Be mindful of how you sleep

The position you sleep in may be putting extra strain on your neck, especially if you’re a stomach sleeper. When sleeping on your stomach, your head ends up twisting one way or the other for hours on end. In addition, sleeping on your stomach can contribute to back pain because your low back isn’t supported, letting your belly sink into the bed. Instead, try to sleep flat on your back or on your side.  Also be careful that you’re not sleeping with too many pillows. Putting several pillows under your head limits your neck’s range of motion, keeping it in a fixed position throughout the night and causing discomfort the next day.

4.      Make some ergonomic adjustments.

The way your work space is set up may be a key contributor to your neck pain. To minimize the effect that computer work has on your back and neck, try making these simple ergonomic adjustments:

  •                     Position your computer monitor at eye level so you aren’t using your neck to look down or up
  •                     Get a sit-stand desk and switch from standing to sitting every half hour or so
  •                     Modify your chair so that your feet are flat on the floor and your knees are slightly lower than your hips
  •                     Keep your back straight and your arms level to desk height
  •                     Use an ergonomic keyboard and mouse
  1.       Don’t stay in one position for too long.

Although it’s hard to reverse bad posture, getting up and moving around frequently will help you avoid getting your neck stuck in a position that will later cause you pain. Getting up from your desk every half hour, even if just to get a glass of water, may make a huge difference.

Neck Pain Causes

A stiff or sore neck is usually caused by the weakening of muscles over time due to poor posture. Computer work and cell phone use are large contributors to neck pain because they compel people to crane their necks at unnatural angles. Hunching over your phone puts a strain on the soft tissues and muscles in your neck, leading to neck and shoulder pain.  Your muscles and joints become tired and overstretched, which is why stretching your neck in other ways is so important. Keep in mind that neck pain does not usually develop overnight; rather, it evolves over time.



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Dr. Barry

Dr. Barry

March 14, 2019