What is Chlorella?

Chlorella is a type of algae that has been used for centuries as a source of nutrition and medicine. This superfood is packed with a wide variety of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants that can support overall health and well-being. 

Here are five major benefits of taking chlorella regularly:

  1. Chlorella has powerful detoxifying properties. It helps to remove toxins from the body by binding to heavy metals, pesticides, and other environmental pollutants. This can prevent serious health problems associated with long-term exposure to toxins. 

  1. Chlorella contains a high amount of chlorophyll which acts as a powerful antioxidant and helps reduce the damage caused by free radicals in the body. This can help protect against chronic diseases such as cancer and heart disease. It can also reduce inflammation in the digestive tract which may help reduce symptoms associated with irritable bowel syndrome (IBS).

  1. Chlorella is an excellent source of protein and provides all of the essential amino acids needed for proper muscle growth and development. This makes it an ideal supplement for those who are looking to build muscle mass or improve their overall performance while exercising.

  1. Chlorella is high in essential vitamins and minerals like vitamin A, B12, iron and magnesium which are important for general good health.

  1. Chlorella has a high level of beta carotene. This may help boost the immune system and help protect against disease causing agents.

In conclusion, for those looking for an easy way to add nutritional value to their diet, chlorella is a great option as it is easy to incorporate into any routine. Incorporating chlorella into a healthy lifestyle will help individuals achieve better physical and mental health.

These Chlorella tablets are our favorite because it not only is easy to swallow, but  it has no additives or artificial colors. 

Dr. Barry

Dr. Barry

December 6, 2022