Tips for Blepharitis Management

Blepharitis is a common eye disorder where the eyelids become inflamed, red, and itchy. The symptoms of blepharitis can be quite uncomfortable, as scales may start to form and flake. Although blepharitis cannot be cured, it can be treated and the symptoms can be managed with proper eyelid hygiene.

5 Tips for Blepharitis Management

1.      Use a Warm Compress

Applying a warm compress to the eyelid can help relieve blepharitis symptoms. The warmth will soften the skin, unblock the glands, and loosen any crusts attached to the eyelids. You may use a face cloth soaked in warm water or purchase reusable heating pads that can be warmed in the microwave, which generally holds heat longer than a facecloth. To use, heat up the pad and place on the eyelids for five to ten minutes, while rocking it gently.


2.      Eyelid Massage

Giving yourself a little massage is a nice relaxing way to treat your blepharitis. Massaging your eyelids after applying heat can help move oil secretions to the edge of the eyelid so that they can be expelled from the glands. Be sure to massage towards the edge of the eyelid – down on the upper eyelid, and up on the bottom eyelid. Repeat this five to ten times and be sure to not press too hard on your eyes.


3.      Clean Eyelids with an Eyelid Wipe

After applying heat and enjoying a nice massage, it’s important to clean the eyelids. Eyelid wipes are moistened towelettes that can be used to clean off bacteria, makeup, and other debris. If you have blepharitis, keeping your eyelids clean is incredibly important. Eyelid wipes are an affordable way to clean your eyes, manage your symptoms, and prevent further flare ups. Be sure to use eyelid wipes twice a day for optimal results.


4.      Wash Face with a Tea Tree Soap

Using products that contain tea tree oil can provide great relief from blepharitis, reduce swelling, and help manage the mites. Tea tree oil contains terpenoids, which have antiseptic and antifungal activity.This is what makes tea tree soap a powerful natural remedy for blepharitis. Tea tree soap can also help control the excess of oil on the eyelid that people with blepharitis often experience. Due to its ability to control oil, tea tree has also been used to treat acne. To use a tea tree cleanser, gently massage your face and eyelids with the soap and rinse off when done.


5.      Spray on Hypochlorous Acid Cleanser and Leave On

Hypochlorous acid (also known as HOCl) is a natural, versatile substance – it can be used to care for wounds, treat skin conditions, cleanse sensitive areas like the eyelids, and more. HOCl is an antimicrobial and antibacterial, which can also mediate inflammation in the body, making it a great remedy for Blepharitis. To use a Hypochlorous Acid Cleanser, first remove any makeup or debris, then close the eyes and spray the eyelids with the cleanser. If you’d rather, you can pray the HOCl cleanser on a cotton ball to apply rather than spraying directly onto the eyelid. Once applied to the lids, simply leave the cleanser to dry – it starts working immediately and doesn’t need to be washed off.

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Dr. Barry

Dr. Barry

April 9, 2019