One of the worst feelings in the world is when you need to get your work done but you can’t because of a bodily problem—such as computer eye strain. Those who work on the computer are much more likely to have computer eye strain since, after all, they work in the industry where the condition develops. Getting computer eye strain can be a considerably uncomfortable experience to have.

However, you are not alone. In fact, computer eye strain is so common that science has already developed some pretty standard information for you to reference. On this page, we will break down all that you need to know about this condition, as well as how to potentially get rid of it once and for all. Nobody should have to live with computer eye strain.

What is Computer Eye Strain?

Working on the computer causes problems in the long term. As continued time is spent on the computer, your eye muscles will gradually start to become less flexible. In fact, working on the computer uses your eye muscles more than you may think. If your muscles become less flexible, your ability to focus on objects will also start to decline, along with other problems.

One such problem is your ability to use your computer as efficiently and lengthily as you could when you were younger. As a result, each moment for people who suffer from computer eye strain on the computer is almost like an hour to their younger counterparts. There are many difficult symptoms and problems that may develop.

Computer Eye Strain Symptoms

Having computer eye strain is a rather uncomfortable experience. However, anybody who is quick to treat it will be able to experience relief the soonest. After all, the longer that you let things aggravate and become worse, the likelier it is that the computer eye strain will turn into other problems. Here are some of the main computer eye strain symptoms.

  • Dry eyes.
  • Red eyes.
  • Eye irritation and pain.
  • A headache.
  • Even neck pain.

Although there are many potential computer eye strain symptoms, remember that computer eye strain symptoms can be different for each person. In fact, the symptoms are just an example of what you might experience in a condition. Computer eye strain symptoms, for example, may be different for each case depending on the severity of the condition itself, and other factors.

Common Computer Eye Strain Causes

One thing which we will normally do is blink more than 10 times a minute. This process hydrates our eyes with our natural tears. However, those who choose not to look away from the screen or their surroundings for a prolonged period may blink at lower rates. Muscle tension, eye fatigue, and all the discomfort that comes with it are common in these scenarios. Here are some of the causes of computer eye strain up close.

  • Prolonged Staring: Staring at a computer for a long time is something which is actually harder on your eyes than you may realize. In fact, prolonged staring at an object like a computer screen is one of the main reasons that your eyes begin to suffer many of the symptoms.
  • Fatigue of Eye Muscles: Fatigue of the eye muscles is one of the main reasons that your eyes start to feel uncomfortable. Just like any muscle that you use for an extended period of time, your eyes will begin to cringe and feel pain.
  • Failure to Adjust Eye Muscles: Amazingly, many people might have stopped their problem with computer eye strain in the first place had they chose to adjust their eye muscles. As long as you routinely give your eyes the ability to relax and refocus on real objects and objects farther away, you give them a break.
  • Decrease in Blinking: The continuous staring also has an effect on how much you will blink. This even makes you blink roughly 1/3 the level which you normally would. Blinking is what your eyes use to spread natural tears throughout your eyes. This is pretty important.
  • Screen Distance and Settings: Sometimes you are just setting yourself up for failure. Or, in this case, computer eye strain. The distance you place your screen and the settings can actually make it much more likely to get computer eye strain. This will be discussed in detail below.

reduce eye strain computer

Reduce Computer Screen Eye Strain: Steps

Now that we have covered the various areas where computer eye strain develops, let’s now go ahead and take a look at some of the steps to solve it. Ideally, you can solve things naturally. However, sometimes there are cases where immediate treatment will not solve anything. These people will also be suggested a couple of products that really work wonders for more advanced computer eye strain cases.

1. Adjust Monitor Settings & Position

First of all, don’t work on a computer which has a glare. This will only make your eyes work harder than they already do to see the screen. Make sure the brightness is at a comfortable position where you can easily read the text. Finally, keep your computer screen at least a couple of feet away from your face.

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If you work on the computer, you can always get a USB keyboard and mouse to allow yourself the convenience of working with your screen slightly further away. Sometimes, simply adjusting the settings and position of the computer will help people to experience fewer symptoms.

2. Optimize the Surrounding Lighting

The need for optimizing your surrounding lighting is another step for eliminating further problems from computer eye strain. In fact, when paired with other basic steps, you may not choose to use any sort of further treatment. Try adjusting the lights in your room to a position which will leave your eyes more relaxed and comfortable.

As we mentioned, having a glare on your screen is something which will make your computer much more difficult for your eyes to work on. However, if you adjust the lighting in your room you will quickly be able to find a means of eliminating this problem altogether. It also a good idea to keep light out of direct contact with your eyes since this can only make things worse.

3. Adjust Your Workspace

Put your computer a couple of feet away, as we have previously mentioned. However, you should also try to position the screen below your eye level. This will put your eyes in a natural position where they can stay focused on the screen comfortably for longer periods.

Additionally, take time to consider other problems which may result from this problem. You might also need new office tables, desks, a keyboard, mouse, or anything to optimize the comfort of your eyes. Place some eye drops at a nearby location just in case problems ever start to develop. This can be a great last resort when the symptoms start to come in and you need a break.

4. Don’t Forget the 20-20-20 Rules

When terms with numbers get involved, you might be reluctant to listen since it will only make things difficult to remember. This one is easy, though. Every 20 minutes, look at something which is 20 feet away from you for at least 20 seconds. You know, 20-20-20. This will do wonders for relaxing your eyes in the long run.

The hardest part about using the 20-20-20 rule is implementing it into your daily routine. It always takes a considerable amount of time to change your habits into something which is completely different. With consistency, though, anything is possible. Soon, you will be in better computer use habits which could very well take away your computer eye strain symptoms.

5. Try New Glasses and Products

Okay, sometimes people have computer eye strain symptoms that they really can’t do much about without further assistance. The first thing you should try is to make that sure you can handle the lifestyle change. Glasses are different. If you are confident that you don’t need immediate professional help, then you should try to use products which are designed to assist the problem.

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Thankfully, there are glasses and eye-resting products which are designed to assist people like you who need a little bit of assistance with their computer eye strain symptoms. Thankfully, there are various options for you to consider. On this page, we will recommend a couple of computer eye strain products for you to start with.

Reduce Computer Screen Eye Strain: 2 Products

As computer eye strain symptoms became more advanced, the means for treating them become more difficult. However, there is a point where products will be necessary. Here are two computer eye strain products that everybody should consider if they suffer from one or more of the above symptoms we described.

Cooling Eye Mask for Puffy Eyescomputer eye strain

Some of those with pretty rough computer eye strain symptoms need to just buckle down and get an ice pack which is specially designed to cool your eyes and keeps them ready for the next day. This cooling eye mask from MediViz is wonderful since it so soothing and can be used at all time of the day and night.

It has a beautiful design that almost makes it look like it’s designed for injuries. However, in a sense, that is the kind of computer screen eye strain that can be relieved by this product. For your reference, here is a complete description of this product and how it may reduce the eye strain computer glares and lighting issues may have caused.

What the MedViz Eye Mask is

One thing which should immediately be pointed out is that this eye mask isn’t made to be used while you are working. In fact, this is the sort of product that is best used in addition to the following product. Since each of them can be used effectively while working, they are great for people who really need the assistance with computer screen eye strain.

The MedViz Eye Mask is wonderful since it has a gel-like feeling which is cold and soothing to your eyes. This is something which is both great for naps and sleeping. Although, there are still some people who prefer to use the MedViz Eye Mask during the daytime. In either case, this product is a wonderful remedy to eye discomfort.

How the Medviz Eye Mask Works

Unless you are familiar with products like this, you need to be aware of its operation before purchasing it. This way, you will know whether or not it will work well with your specific computer screen eye strain problems. Here are some things you should be aware of how this product works before you purchase it.

  • Place Product in Freezer for 2 Hours: Before using this product, make sure that it is cool and ready. Otherwise, it won’t reduce eye strain computer problems. For best results, keep it in the freezer a little more than the recommended time.
  • Cover Your Eyes: It is fine to keep your eyelids open, but you may find it uncomfortable to do so. Do whatever is most comfortable for your individual circumstances. In any case, try to keep your eyelids closed. After all, they are there to protect your eyes.
  • Remove After 20 Minutes: Depending on where you live, you may find that your eye mask melts very quickly or slowly. In whichever case, don’t try to keep the mask on you all day. If you are the person who will sleep with the mask, you may need to be careful.

Pros and Cons

The MedViz Eye Mask has a gel feeling, which feels wonderful and provides some relief to those who suffer from puffy eyes and sore muscles near their eyes. It is also a great relief to use whenever you get the common cold. Since it can clear headaches and sinuses, it is a wonderful year-round tool to have.


  • Soothing eye muscle relief.
  • Works great for headaches.
  • The cool feeling can clear your sinus.
  • Short and quick treatment.
  • Affordable for all budgets.


  • Cannot see through them.
  • Require constant freezing.
  • Recommended in 20-minute spurts.

There are, however, some things to be aware of regarding this product. For starters, these aren’t the goggles that you will be able to see out of. In fact, they’re not. They need to be frozen and will mainly block your range of vision. Lastly, they can only be used in 20-minute sports. At least that’s what the manufacturer recommends.

Short-Term Use, Quick Relief

This eye mask is not designed for the person who is looking for short-term relief. We’re talking about the instances where you really feel uncomfortable and need assistance right away. In these instances, you can simply go snatch the eye mask which you (hopefully) left in the freezer and you’re set. More than likely, you will be responsible enough to leave it in the freezer.

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After all quick relief is something which is so important to many people. Rightfully so. With this eye mask, quick relief which will also be long-term and long-lasting will be right around the corner. This will be important when it comes to the later hours of work where you need your eyes to be free from computer screen eye strain problems.

Covers your Vision

Let’s put it this way. You cannot use this mask whenever you need to see. That means if you are cooking, driving, or just about anything that requires you to see clearly, you can’t use this mask. However, keep in mind that you are only supposed to use this mask for 20 minutes at a time.

With only 20-minute slots at your disposal, you will have a much more difficult time finding relief which will last much longer than this. In fact, it’s simple. Just put it back in the freezer and pop it back out in a couple hours. It is an all-day remedy then, which you can use as you work or as needed.

Affordable for All Budgets

One thing which draws people away from getting help with just about any sort of medical problem is the cost that they have to pay for the remedy. As with just about any over-the-counter option there is to reduce eye strain computer problems, this mask is both affordable and reasonably priced for people of all budgets. In fact, this is a product which just about anyone with eye strain problems should consider.

Main Symptom Alleviations

This product is not only great for people who have basic computer screen eye strain problems. It is also wonderful for those who have continuous problems with headaches, the common cold, and even dark circles on their eyes. Consider this eye mask to be something which not only fights computer screen eye strain problems, but also other ones which you may experience.

  • Puffy, irritated eyes.
  • A headache and sore eyes.
  • Cold & sinus symptoms
  • Dark circles.


All-in-all, the MedViz Eye Mask is something which should be considered if you suffer from computer screen eye strain. In fact, it is something which most people who were previously on the wrong path will end up trying. Or something similar. Since this product not only works to help alleviate common computer screen eye strain problems, but also other ones, it is a popular option.

In fact, it is common for those who suffer from computer eye strain to also have things like headaches. For this reason, a product like this will help you to experience relief on many different levels. Since this product is very diverse in its range of potential uses, this is a product which will be much more useful than just a simple computer eye strain relief.

SightPros Computer Glassescomputer eye strain symptoms

The SightPros Glasses are another option that is great for people who need some relief during the day. In fact, they are an all-day remedy which you can use whenever you are not able to use the MedViz Eye Mask. However, if you simply want one product as an all-day relief, then try this one out.

With a wonderful price, a stylish look, many special features, and a durable build which will last for years, this product is heavily worth considering. These aren’t your average type of glasses. In fact, they are ones which are specially designed to assist you with the negative aspect of computers and other electronics.

What SightPros Computer Glasses Are

SightPros Computer Glasses are made with the ability to help you see more comfortably while looking at computer screens. In fact, they have a special design which will only allow you to have lights which are safer for computer use into your eyeballs. With this innovative technology, these glasses are not your everyday glasses.

The ability to filter out lights which are bad for your eyes and brain are the reason that these glasses will be able to work for computer screen eye strain problems. In fact, these glasses target a certain type of light which is proven to have a direct effect on your sleep.

How SightPros Computer Glasses Work

Science has argued blue light tends to have a direct effect on the levels of melatonin in your brain. Of course, melatonin is a chemical naturally produced in our pineal gland for natural timekeeping purposes. Of course, melatonin can then have an effect on your brain and mood if there is either a surplus or shortage of it. In fact, blue light causes a shortage of melatonin production.

These glasses are capable of blocking all blue light deriving from computer sources. This will have a huge effect when it comes to how your brain naturally functions with computer eye strain. Most importantly, of course, these glasses also have been designed with the idea to reduce computer screen eye strain. In the end, the SightPros Computer are useful for many purposes.

Pros and Cons

There are various reasons why you should consider getting these glasses. Those with developing and/or mild computer eye strain symptoms will find that these glasses work well. In fact, they are designed to block the harmful blue lights which affect your melatonin production. They also work to reduce to reduce eye strain computer workers commonly have.


  • Blocks harmful lights from electronics.
  • Normalizes melatonin production.
  • Designed to reduce eye strain.
  • Durable and built to last.
  • Can be ordered in many prescriptions.
  • Affordable for just about anybody.


  • Advanced cases need further treatment.
  • Best for those who already use and need glasses.
  • Requires consistent use and won’t cure your eyes.

Although these are undoubtedly great eyeglasses for anybody to use, they also come with their fair share of setbacks. For example, those who suffer from advanced cases of computer screen eye strain will likely have to seek further treatment, or simply use the MedViz Eye Mask as well.

Since this product requires you to wear glasses, those who otherwise wouldn’t wear glasses can be heavily inconvenienced by the design. Since they come in many different prescription sizes, they are best for the person who needs to have glasses which block harmful lights and a certain reading prescription.

Reduces Eye Strain

There is no point in purchasing these glasses as somebody who doesn’t normally wear glasses unless you receive relief from eye strain symptoms. Thankfully, these glasses are also made to help your computer screen eye strain symptoms. However, doing this requires consistency and dedication since, after all, you have to wear the glasses.

However, one area where these glasses really stand out is their ability to reduce eye strain levels. Many people consider eye strain to be simply unbearable.  Finding glasses like this which will help to comfort your eyes will only serve to your benefit. However, don’t remove the possibility of potentially seeing an optometrist in the future if these glasses along with other home remedies don’t work for you.

Controls Problems Which Come with Staring at Computer Screens

As we have briefly described, there is a common problem which derived from the blue lights in computer screens. This blue light has been demonstrated to have an adverse effect on your melatonin production. Without melatonin, our natural rhythm becomes out of balance. Those who have been up all night on the computer may relate this issue.

Let’s be honest here. Computers are not something which humans have been adapted to use over thousands of years. In fact, they are a relatively new thing for us. It is to be expected that we will continue to learn more about how we stop natural problems from occurring we didn’t imagine possible in the first place.

Affordable for All Budgets

Anybody who is on a tight budget knows the burden that comes with needing assistance while having limited access to funds. This is a problem which is simply unavoidable to many. However, you will still be able to purchase a product like this. That is the good news.

These glasses are built to last. They are also affordable for all budgets. Anybody who is serious about trying this as a means for treating computer screen eye strain will be able to try these. After all, you more than likely make more in a day (or even an hour) than what these costs. Cost should be the least of your concern here.

Main Symptom Alleviations

The idea with these glasses is that they can be used all day. Especially when you are looking at a computer or phone screen. These glasses actually function in a simple manner to fight your computer eye strain symptoms. By blocking harmful blue lights, your melatonin production is put back to normal level. This has a huge impact on your brain and mindset as a whole.

  • Computer eye strain symptoms.
  • Brain chemical imbalance.
  • Eye muscle discomfort.

The typical computer eye strain symptoms which are both common and easily treated with simple remedies will have wonderful results with these glasses. However, if you are the person who put this problem away on the shelf for years, you may need to find many other treatment methods to use in addition to this one. However, having these glasses at your disposal will be beneficial.

Clinical Help for Computer Eye Stain

There is a certain point where you need to admit that you need help. This is a sad reality when it comes to computer eye strain. Admitting that you need help with your computer eye strain symptoms will allow you to begin switching your search over to the right professional assistance.

Optometrists are used to treating people with computer eye strain. You may not necessarily end up getting glasses, but you will at least get the opinion of a professional with years of background experience in their field. Sometimes it is worth it just to buckle down and be willing to pay the big bucks for professional help.

When You Should Consider Visiting an Optometrist

If you have tried all of the above options and are still suffering from your computer eye strain problem, the likelihood is high that you need to visit an optometrist. Since optometrists are professionals in vision, they will be able to quickly pinpoint what it is that you need and help you to start getting better quickly. This is the kind of rapid service that many people want.

An optometrist visit can also make a drastic difference in how effective your overall healing experience is. Anybody who has tried various different practices and methods of fixing things at home with no results will simply need to get professional help. In fact, there are many reasons why you might even prefer to visit an optometrist from the start.

What an Optometrist Can Do for You

Optometrists have the know-how and years of background experience and training that you will need to have around with an advanced problem. When your back is against the back (or hopefully sooner than this), you will end up realizing that professional help is necessary. Of course, there are many circumstances where products and natural remedies work too.

The optometrist is also a normally pretty affordable place to visit. Especially if you are just visiting for something simple like a consultation. In fact, is some circumstances they will even recognize exactly what it is that you need before even investing a considerable amount of time. There are many benefits to being responsible and visiting an optometrist if you fear that you need to.

Check Your Insurance

Sometimes, visiting an optometrist may even be covered by your insurance. Depending on your insurance provider, how much you pay for your premium, and countless other variables, there are many circumstances where vision is covered under your health insurance. This is a reason that anybody should be calling their insurance company first before getting involved in products which would be outdone by the service of a professional.

This means that you could potentially even get your trip to an optometrist covered by insurance. This would make things a lot easier than you would have previously expected. Of course, there are also many instances where insurance will not be able to cover your vision. Make sure to check with your insurance provider immediately if you have one.

Computer Eye Strain: Major Points & Summary

Although computer eye strain is a common problem, remember that you can probably start by fixing things on your own at home. There are various different steps and products which may combat it for you. However, you can’t rule out the possibility that you may need to visit an optometrist. Here are the main points of this page summarized plainly.

Gauge the Intensity of Your Computer Eye Strain Symptoms

Start by getting an estimate of how bad your computer screen eye strain symptoms are. If they are extreme, odds are high that you need to bypass and go to a medical professional. They will be the ones who will give you the speediest treatment. However, if your computer eye strain symptoms are just starting to develop, odds are high that you can explore other options.

In fact, those with treatable computer screen eye strain symptoms will be able to really experience quick and affordable results. Especially if they caught the problem as it was developing in the first place. In any case, computer eye strain symptoms can range from non-noticeable to extreme, so make sure to estimate how bad they are before proceeding. A doctor visit is always a good idea.

Take Steps to Reduce Your Potential Problems

This is mainly for people who have minimal eye strain difficulties. Before you even start with anything where you need to spend money, try to adjust things to your home. In fact, some of the simplest things such as your screen distance, settings, surrounding lighting, etc, can have on your eyes.

Remember that computer eye strain symptoms derive from years of your eye muscle working hard. Treat your eyes with respect and try relaxing them. Letting them focus on other things every once in a while. If things don’t get better, then consider the assistance of products.

If Necessary, Try Using Over-the-Counter Products

This is the circumstance where you are confident that you need help, but also confident that you don’t quite need to worry about the need to go to an optometrist. The point that you decide to pursue products as part of your search to reduce eye strain computer problems will be the point you decide to find the means of doing so.

Using the MediViz Eye Mask alongside the SightPros Computer Glasses will have perhaps the best effects for your eyes outside of going to a medical professional. Depending on the severity of your symptoms, you may choose to start with only one of the products. Try to see if you can solve things on your own first, though.

Most Importantly, Consider an Optometrist Visit

Let’s be clear here. Going to an optometrist should be one of your first considerations when you find yourself with any of the computer eye strain symptoms. A simple visit to the optometrist can make the difference between instant diagnosis and relief to one which takes several months. In fact, if you think your symptoms are severe, you might as well see the optometrist.

At the end of the day, the best way to fight computer eye strain symptoms is to go to a medical professional. These are the people with years of research and experience. They are capable of giving you the relief that you need today. However, if your needs require it, take all the steps and try over-the-counter products before going to the optometrist.

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August 5, 2018

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