Top 3 Creams for Feminine Dryness and Itching Relief

Vaginal dryness and itching is a common issue most women deal with when they experience the transition to menopause and possibly for numerous years after. But, vaginal dryness can occur at any age for a host of reasons.

It can be caused by minimized estrogen levels. Estrogen is the hormone in females that aids in keeping the vagina lining elastic, thick and lubricated.

For some, unavailability of moisture in the vagina may not be an issue, but it may have a drastic effect on the sex life of a woman by resulting in discomfort and pain during intercourse.

But the great news is that there are a host of treatments and solutions available which can aid in relieving these symptoms. In this article, we will be taking a look at three top creams for Feminine Dryness and Itching Relief.

But first, let’s take a look at some of the causes of vaginal dryness and itching.

Causes of vaginal dryness

Vaginal dryness is a major symptom of menopause. It is often a result of a reduction in the levels of estrogen. The levels of Estrogen in the body of a woman start to reduce as menopause comes.

The ovaries create estrogens that aid in controlling the characteristics of a female body like the body shape and breast. Estrogen also plays a crucial role in pregnancy and menstrual cycle.

Normally, estrogen aids in keeping the tissues that line the vagina healthy, thick and moisturized. As the levels reduce, women will begin to observe the lining of their vagina drier, thinner, less elastic and light pink to blue in color. These changes are called vaginal atrophy.

Levels of Estrogen can also reduce due to other factors like:

  •      Breast-Feeding and Childbirth
  •      Cancer treatments including radiation and chemotherapy
  •      Surgical menopause: getting the ovaries removed via surgery
  •      Anti-estrogen medications utilized for endometriosis or breast cancer like Zoladex or Lupron

Other Reasons for Vaginal Dryness can consist of:

Sjögren’s syndrome

This is a complicated autoimmune disorder that has to do with inflammation of the tear and salivary glands.  The tissues that line the vagina can also get inflamed which results in vaginal dryness


A few antidepressants come with side effect which is sexually related like reduced libido, vaginal dryness, and difficulty in attaining orgasm.


These medications are utilized for symptoms of cold and allergies. They function to dry secretions. It may lead to side effects like issues urinating and vaginal dryness.

Women, who smoke, get menopause faster than those who do not, so for this category, vaginal dryness may occur quicker.

How it relates to menopause

Vaginal dryness relates to menopause as a result of a natural reduction in the level of estrogens (as well as progesterone and testosterone) that comes with menopause. According to research, more than 15 percent of women in postmenopause and perimenopause search for a treatment for vaginal dryness. But the precise number of those dealing with the symptoms is believed to be around a total of 40 – 50 percent.

Vaginal dryness and vaginal atrophy can result in discomfort and pain during sex. It can also enhance the possibility of vaginal infection and urinary leaking.

Of course, all women going through menopause will deal with symptoms differently with various degree of seriousness. Two women cannot have similar experiences.

Top 3 Creams for Feminine Dryness and Itching Relief

Although there are a ton of medications that help in dealing with this issue, below are 3 of the top creams on the market.

They include:

Julva® Vaginal Cream



This is a very efficient and well praised cream that can aid with poor vaginal health symptoms. It can aid in reducing or even eliminating symptoms like vaginal odor, vaginal irritation, and vaginal dryness and improve sensation.

With this cream, you can get a Vagina free of burning, dryness and discomfort. It’s completely natural DHEA aids in enhancing vaginal tissue and elasticity.  It consists of Alpine Rose Plant Stem Cells, Coconut Oil, Emu oil, and SHEA Butter which enhances the production of collagen. This, in turn, prevents cracking and dryness and also aids in soothing swollen skin.

That is not all, as it can aid in preventing bladder and vaginal infections. It can also aid in enhancing the overall health of the vulva and prevent urine leaks.

Finally, it is made from completely natural ingredients designed by a female Obstetrician and Gynecologist. The ingredients are completely free of toxin and naturally aids in getting your delicate feminine areas back to their peak condition.


Replens is a solution free of estrogen. It is useful for vaginal dryness and aids in replenishing moisture for as much as 3 days. It consists of ingredients which help soothe discomfort and offer long-lasting moisture.

A number of gynecologists have recommended this solution to be one of the most efficient methods of dealing with vaginal dryness.

The best aspect of Replens and why it is different from other lotions is that it consists a bio-adhesive which lets it attach to compacted, dry cells. It also offers moisture until the cells regenerate naturally which occurs every 3-5 days.

The result is that the tissues in the vagina will have the capacity to absorb the moisture which will make them rejuvenating and hydrating them.

Replens consists of ingredients ranging from a bioadhesive polymer and a polycarbophil which is an acidic insert. It also consists of hydrogenated palm oil glyceride, Mineral oil as well as sorbic acid.


Creme De La Femme

Creme De La Femme is another leading solution that can aid with poor vaginal health symptoms. It can aid in reducing symptoms like vaginal irritation, vaginal dryness as well as vaginal odor.

It is a solution developed by a female doctor and used by numerous individuals worldwide. It does not consist of any dangerous ingredients as some of the ingredients it includes like Aloe Vera, Coconut oil and Tea Tree Oil have been known to be safe in controlled amounts.



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Dr. Barry

Dr. Barry

December 19, 2018