Libido enhancers for women are a great choice for every woman who wants to keep an active sex life. A lot of things can contribute to a woman’s low sex drive and it can be very difficult for the affected person and her partner.

Some of the things that can reduce a woman’s sex drive includes hormonal changes which may result from changes in the female hormones after childbirth, with menopause, stress and as a side effect of many medications including birth control pills. Depression and other mental health issues are also some of the factors that can contribute to low sex drive in females.  

Top 3 Libido Enhancers for Women

Here are the top three Libido enhancers for women. Each of these enhancers is guaranteed to give you the excitement you crave. These products have been tested and are trusted by a lot of women.

Julva® Cream

Julva® is a healthy cream that not just improves libido and pleasure but also helps keep the vagina and vulva healthy, rejuvenated and helps with dryness. Julva®  cream is applied directly to the clitoris and the surrounding labia of the vagina, and around the anus as well. It is raved about by many woman because it improves dryness and accidental urine leaks as well.

Julva® can be used prior to intercourse for excitement and also to rebuild the libido by applying it everyday to the vulva. Julva® was created by a board certified OB/GYN from Emory University and has been featured on First for Women and Mind Body Green.



One of the many symptoms of low libido in women is constant vaginal dryness which is the main issue that the Replens product addresses. Vaginal dryness is an uncomfortable thing to live with adding to the painful sex it contributes to.

A dry vagina makes a woman uncomfortable which will in turn contribute to behavioral changes in the person. Replens is a moisturizer made to keep the vagina moisturized at all times. When Replens is applied to the vagina, it immediately moisturizes the walls of the vagina. As the cells of the vaginal wall are regenerated, dry cells are cleared and Replens is eliminated naturally leaving no residues.




Creme De Le Femme

Crème de la Femme is a vaginal lubricant containing only natural ingredients. It was developed by a gynecologist for women who are over 30 years, it is a fine vaginal cream that leaves moisture on intimate tissue in your vagina– giving instant relief as a result of vaginal dryness.








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Dr. Barry

Dr. Barry

November 30, 2018