As a mom, you want your child to succeed in school. But sometimes it can feel like an uphill battle. Here are 5 ways to help your child find academic success. With a little effort, you can be the wind beneath their wings!

1. Math games

Math games are an amazing way to practice math skills and learn new concepts in a fun, engaging way! Math games can help anyone, regardless of their math ability or age. From online apps and worksheets to physical board games, like BeGenio’s Race To Infinity Math Game, the possibilities are endless. BeGenio’s math game has been used to help thousands of kids engage more brain cells and level up in school! Not only can playing fun math games add flavor to your practice regimen, but it will undoubtedly help your children with their critical thinking and math skills rather than cramming away at a sheet of equations alone. In other words? Math games are where it’s at.

2. Comfortable Work Environment

A good recipe for success when it comes to studying and doing homework includes one essential ingredient: a quiet, comfortable space where your child can concentrate without interruption. After all, there’s nothing worse than trying to focus but being too hot, too cold, or constantly distracted. Luckily, this important element doesn’t require any expensive kitchen gadgets or special skills–just a chair or desk that fit the task at hand and a setting that is conducive to learning. So if you want your children to ace those tests and come out on top of the class competition, make sure you provide them with a tranquil environment to power through their assignments!

3. Help them develop good study habits

Getting your child to develop good study habits can seem like an uphill battle, especially if the current strategy of saying “don’t forget to do your homework!” hasn’t been having much success. If you want to help them be successful, encourage them to set aside time each day for homework, review and extra studying. Making sure they have a dedicated space free from distractions works wonders too, but nothing beats the all-important step of carving out that daily routine and making it a real habit. Who knows – maybe if you’re lucky, you may get your very own ‘genius-in-training!’

4. Encourage Involvement

Getting people involved and up on their feet can be tricky in some situations, but with a little bit of clever thinking, you can get the job done! Just think of getting involved as a group game; let everyone know the rules, break down any intimidating walls, and soon enough everyone will be on board. When it comes to participation and enthusiasm, encouragement truly is key – so don’t be afraid to give out plenty of high fives and hearty compliments along the way. With an open dialogue and some friendly competition, who knows what great ideas you all might come up with together?

5. Praise their efforts and successes, but also provide constructive feedback when needed

It’s important for a supportive relationship to not only celebrate successes, but also to provide constructive feedback when it’s needed. As a mentor, I aim to have an approach that is witty and lighthearted- praising their efforts even when their solution wasn’t quite successful. This rewards the effort and encourages them to think positively of possible failures as just part of learning. One of my favorite approaches is offering alternative perspectives- asking questions about why a decision that didn’t turn out was made can help develop problem solving skills and brainstorm better outcomes for next time!

Ultimately, success and failure isn’t determined by how well our kids do in those weekly math tests. Yes, having some kind of direction is important, but teaching your children resilience and flexibility when it comes to their academic goals sets them up for a lifetime of happiness. Hopefully this post helped you realize that life isn’t a linear race: Kindergarten doesn’t begin with a start line and end with a finish line. So, go ahead, ease up on the pressure your little one and yourself! (Psst.. if you’re still needing to center your child’s learning environment around something positive and motivating, why not check out Begenio’s Race To Infinity Game? From what I hear it’s really fun yet educational). Thanks for reading!

Dr. Barry

Dr. Barry

February 23, 2023