A lot of clothing companies use harsh chemicals to make their clothing, and it is detrimental to the environment. To make their clothing they pollute rivers, destroy habits and cause irreversible damage to our planet. 

The environment needs our help but we still want to feel comfortable in our clothing. This is why we switched to cotton underwear and shirts made from 100% organic materials. By wearing clothing made from 100% organic materials there are no more harsh chemicals or toxins on our bodies and no more herbicides in our soil. 

After a long search, our top pick for the best men’s 100% organic clothing is Organic Signatures. Organic Signatures offers a wide range of clothing that is soft, comfy and better for the environment. These options include V-necks, tank tops, crewnecks and pocket shirts as well as boxer briefs and boxer shorts.

Cotton Boxers

Organic Signatures cotton underwear are GOTS certified! This certification guarantees that the cotton is produced with natural methods and is free from harmful dyes and chemicals, making it gentle and safe on skin.

Because these boxer shorts are made with natural organically-grown cotton fibers they allow you to move freely with the perfect amount of snug, stretch and support, and they won’t lose their shape after extensive wear, or washing. Unlike other cotton boxers that are weaker and broken down from chemicals, these pure cotton men’s boxer underwear are high quality and made to last to keep you feeling fresh, dry, comfortable and confident.

Going Green with 100% Organic Cotton Underwear

  • Not only is 100% organic cotton underwear more comfortable but it also has an advantage over conventional methods of cultivation when it comes to protecting the Earth’s natural resources.
  • Since organic farming doesn’t use toxic pesticides or herbicides, it helps reduce air pollution caused by chemical sprays in agricultural areas near cities and towns.
  • It also helps conserve water according to recent studies because organic farmers practice dryland farming techniques that use less water than industrialized irrigation systems employed by conventional farms.

Cotton Shirts

Like their boxers, Organic Signatures cotton shirts are GOTS certified, and guaranteed that they are produced with all natural methods and are free from harmful dyes and chemicals, making them gentle and safe on your skin.

These 100% cotton shirts are not only softer, cooler, and more breathable than non-organic cotton t-shirts, and they are made with more durable, longer-lasting fibers. Unlike traditional cotton t-shirts, these naturally moisture-wicking, odor-resistant shirts are naturally hypoallergenic, and safer for sensitive skin.

Comfort and Protection for Your Skin

  • 100% organic cotton shirts are naturally soft, allowing it to provide superior comfort and gentleness against the skin. 
    • It is free of chemical additives and harsh dyes, making it kinder on the skin and reducing irritation.
  • It helps keep you cool in summer and warm in winter by regulating body temperature better than other fabrics.
    • Natural fibers like cotton also prevent odors more effectively than other materials such as polyester or spandex which encourages bacteria growth resulting in bad smells. No more smelly basements!

Switching to cotton clothing made from 100% organic materials not only provides you with comfort and skin protection, but it also helps protect the environment! So make sure to look for sustainable, eco-friendly options next time you shop for new clothing– your privileged parts (and the planet) will thank you for going green!

Dr. C

Dr. C

February 23, 2023