In the female reproductive system, there is a thin layer of clear fluid which is maintained by the hormone estrogen by keeping the lining of the vagina thick, healthy and elastic. However, due to some reasons, the level of estrogen production by your body system may drop. Thus, the vaginal becomes dry and can no longer retain its moisture.

Most women see vaginal dryness as a mere irritation, but it is far from that. Someone who has vaginal dryness can suffer from severe pain and lack of sexual excitement during sex. The walls of the vaginal will be irritated, become sore and might even bleed from the frequent irritation. Most women with vaginal dryness find it difficult to enjoy intimacy as the dryness and discomfort negatively impact their sex life. Fortunately, there is a remedy. And such a remedy can be found in vaginal moisturizers and other innovative treatments.


Vaginal dryness is mostly associated with post menopausal syndrome. Most women deal with an itchy dry vagina while undergoing the inevitable changes that menopause brings. Feminine dryness could result from the following:

l  Menopause

l  Breastfeeding and childbirth

l  Chemotherapy and radiation treatment for cancer

l  Surgical removal of the ovaries.

l  Medications that are meant for the treatment of uterine fibroids.

l  Douching

l  Lack of foreplay before sex

l  Allergy and cold medications

| Birth control pills or hormonal IUDs


If you experience any burning or itching sensation in your vagina, the first thing to do is to discontinue the use of soap on the area. Ensure you use clean water to wash it regularly. Dryness after menopause may lead to discomfort and severe pain during sexual intercourse. These vaginal moisturizers are medically tested and proven to be the best creams for treating vaginal dryness in women.

Here are the top three:


This is specifically made to moisturizer the vulva and soothe any discomfort that results from vaginal dryness. It is an anti-aging cosmetic cream designed for feminine parts. Its primary function is to soothe, rejuvenate and support your hormones to moisturize your vagina naturally. It can work best for the following conditions:

l  Decreased orgasm, sexual desire, and arousal

l  Post menopausal dryness

l  Feminine dryness

l  Burning and itching sensation

l  Embarrassing urine leaks

l  External vulva irritation and dryness

l  Painful intercourse due to feminine dryness


This is a scientifically formulated moisturizer that provides immediate relief from vaginal dryness and helps to regain vaginal moisture. However, one unique feature of the Replens moisturizer is its patented bio-adhesive ingredients with which it moisturizes the vulva and eliminates vaginal dryness immediately.


Creme De La Femme moisturizer is a hormone-free vaginal moisturizer specially formulated to eliminate itching and vaginal dryness. It is produced with natural ingredients that moisturize the vulva and alleviate discomfort. No matter the reason for the dryness, even if it is menopause related dryness, you can trust this cream to provide silky moisture and protection.


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Dr. Barry

Dr. Barry

November 28, 2018